Message Bord!

April 19, 2009

Ok, so I realize that despite what I promised, the second episode is not yet up. I promise I am working on it. I'm a little held up at the moment I have a test and two papers due this week but I will try to put something up. I may put up another script page for the comic, some outtakes from the show, or ummmmm something. Anyway sorry about all of this.

April 14, 2009

Great news!

All of the video from episode 2 has been loaded up on the computer... the next step is actually piecing together the episode and the whole editing process. I will get to that this week so the second episode should be up by this weekend.

Along with the new episode we will be up loading some extra stuff like: Bloopers, deleted scenes, and random shit that we can’t really categorize... mostly consisting of Wilson doing unholy things that should never be caught on camera, but seeing that they are.... we decided to share them with the general masses.

Yay for new stuff this weekend!


April 12, 2009

Happy zombie Jesus day!
The first episode of The Story Board is up on our first website! Soooooo.... welcome the few fans we have so far! Sure, it's generic and kind of empty, but it’s a starting point. Stick around, you wont be disappointed!

So, it has been brought to my attention from a few of our youtube viewers that the first episode's title is spelled wrong. I know I should fix it but I am too lazy, so deal with it.

In other news the second episode will be up on the site, funnyordie, and youtube by next weekend.